About company

Organic company was founded in 2009 and operates a planned economy, building its position in both domestic and foreign. As a company with high innovative potential, we meet the demands of the modern market, we are oriented to the needs of the modern customer. Organic is the first and only company in Poland which is a manufacturer of powdered concentrated juice of Jerusalem artichoke, based on a patented method of its acquisition.

The core business is creating, offering and providing products of the highest quality, unchanging parameters, which is mapping the needs of our contractors. This product is a powder concentrate of Jerusalem artichokes in the casing of vitamin C, which, because of its advantages and suitability for human food chain can be used in the treatment and prevention of many diseases and illnesses. Jerusalem artichoke is a plant that has exceptional properties. It can be used for digestive disorders and cardiovascular diseases is also a proven way to lose weight. Furthermore, due to the presence of inulin, it is recommended for diabetics in order to reduce the level of glucose in the blood.

Our products are certified organic farming. The company operates in accordance with international quality system HACCP, implemented the standard ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. So, in Poland and in the world, Organic mission is to provide consumers with products of the highest quality and meet current and future needs of society. Partnering with a company Organic have the chance to:

  • introduction to the production new products or improving existing ones,
  • the introduction of new or improved production methods,
  • opening new market,
  • the use of a new way of sales or purchases,
  • the use of new raw materials or semi-finished products,
  • introduction of a new organization of production​.

Foundation of Organic is innovation, proving through the use of new technology, high quality products and customer service standards.